Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 29/10: Sculpture

Sculpture, originally uploaded by susanvg.

OK - I cheated, but this year I am setting my own rules. This was actually taken on June 27. I love this sculpture; I always stop to spend some time with these women when I walk in this part of Old Montreal. This time I saw people posing with them, taking on some of the gestures of the women. Then I heard an interview with Ruth Abernethy, whose sculpture of Oscar Peterson has just been unveiled in Ottawa. She talked about this slightly larger than life statue of the great jazz pianist turning away from the piano after a performance. She explained that she wanted to let people visit with him, to interact with him, in a sense become part of the sculpture. And that was what some of the people posing were doing. They were joining this conversation (though these women are smaller than life-size). I think we can identify with the conversation going on her, the sense of friendship between these women.

Next time I stop by, I'll be thinking about Abenethy's words and will feel like less of a voyeur and more of a visitor who joins these friends for some gossip before continuing on my way.


  1. I like that they seem to be dressed in their finery but have bare feet. I want you to kick your shoes off when you go there next, Susan. Do that and lean in for some good gossip!

  2. A really charming scuplture, no pretense, just a realistic, fleeting moment of life cast in metal. It really invites anyone to stop and listen and participate somehow. I love the way the artist has captured the postures of the ladies.

  3. I love it too and identify with all three girls.

  4. I love the sculpture ...each lady looks so brought to mind that it's one woman having a silent discussion with herself...maybe thinking over the pros and cons of a situation!

    I enjoyed the post of your grandparent's photos too. I have much the same of my g'g'parents.

  5. What a great statue! There is nothing like a heart to heart with friends. I agree with Barb, the bare feet are a nice touch. Thanks for showing me this, Susan. I'll have to check it out next time I'm in town.