Sunday, April 22, 2018

Spring Comes and Goes and Comes and Goes...

Spring Slowly Creeps In

I started to see a few flowers on March 30. I always love to catch the first blooms - such a sign of rebirth. But spring in Montreal takes time to take hold.


There are microclimates. Just a slight rise in elevation and there were no flowers to be seen. Mont-Royal still had quite a bit of snow in the woods (April 2).

First Flowers

On April 6 I spotted these flowers growing in a fairly protected spot. These hardy snow drops and scylla are always among the first to appear. April has been quite grey and rainy. Any colour I see is a feast for the eyes.

Winter Doesn't End

This year spring has been particularly reluctant to appear with below average temperatures and some downright nasty weather. On April 16 we had ice pellets, freezing rain and eventually rain.


Each day I would think it was the last time I would wear my heavy winter coat and each day I would realize it was the best for the weather.

Snowy Remnants

Finally winter is receding. Seasonable temperatures (above 10°C / 50°F) have finally arrived. While snow is still spotted, most of the ground is free of it.

First Growth among the Dry Leaves

In the forest in Bois de Liesse, where I was walking with a friend, there is new growth beginning. This is a favourite spot for seeing trilliums, but there was no sign of even the sprouts.

Early Spring

Even without spring green, it was peaceful to be in the woods. We could hear birds, glimpsed a couple of woodpeckers and saw both grey and little red squirrels scampering in the dried leaves.

Hanging On

Soon these tenacious dry leaves will be pushed off to make way for this year's leaves.

Spring Flowers

With a few days of sun and warmer weather, spring will jump into action. Flowers seem to grow before your eyes. Each day the changes bring new delights.