Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28/10: Grandparents

Grandparents, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Daily Shoot: Sunday challenge: Make a photograph with a photograph. Find a cherished print and compose it in a larger scene.

My mother's mother was married twice. This is a photograph of her with her second husband, my grandfather. Hanging on the photograph is a locket with photographs of her son from her first marriage and my grandfather as a much younger man. The locket was given to my grandmother by my grandfather when they became engaged. My cousin gave it to me when I became engaged. She also gave me the pin that is resting on the frame - you can see my grandmother wearing it in the photograph.

It is a privilege to be the caretaker of this piece of my family's history with photographic proof which records it.



  1. I love looking at old pictures. They just seem to have so much history behind them. I always enjoy hearing the stories behind the faces. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Susan, You are very fortunate to have these mementoes of your Grandparents' lives. I love the old snapshots and to see the pin in the photo of your Grandmother is wonderful. I have some of these cherished objects, too. I wonder about passing them on...

  3. What an excellent idea- capturing some of those old photos in a new media- my mother was the holder of the family tree and we have one old photo of my great, great, grandfather printed on glass in a small gold travelling frame. Very precious.


  4. This is to be treasured! We need to do more of this and capture our family histories in such an inspiring way. The stories need to be told. Great interpretation of the daily shoot challenge!

  5. Old pictures really are wonderful. They are like a breeze across centuries, and looking at them always fills my mind with questions about the lives of the people they depict.