Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Across the Water to the Festival Theatre

Photos from October 5-7, 2018

Even grey skies cannot erase the sparkle of being in Stratford, Ontario. This is a trip my daughter and I like to do together and this year was particularly nice.


In addition to spectacular theatre productions (we saw 4 plays in 3 days: Julius Caesar, The Tempest, Coriolanus and An Ideal Husband), we love to wander along the river and through the town. It is small enough that we walk everywhere. The swans have been around as long as I remember (and that goes back many years - I first went to Stratford with my parents when I was twelve). More and more other water fowl have joined them. However, only the swans spend the winter in special quarters in Stratford. In early April they are released with much fanfare and a parade.


There are many ducks who also enjoy both the water and the banks. They are unperturbed as visitors walk by. And the many Canada geese seemed to be using the playing field and water as a staging ground to begin their flight south.

Adult and Adolescent Swans

We saw one cygnet - almost as big as its parent. From what we read in an online pamphlet, the young swan will not be white like its parent until it is two.


Ideas and influences planted when one is young can grow through life. The first years I visited Stratford fostered a love of the place which only grew as I got older. In the Festival Theatre the fanfare announcing the show will soon begin always puts a huge smile on my face, the walks by the river/lake bring a sense of peace. And, after so many years, I have watched the careers of so many actors from early years to retirement - the finest Canada has to offer.

It is a place that connects me both to my parents (they went in the early years when the plays were performed in a tent) and connects me with my children as we have enjoyed performances there together. Connections bridging generations and centuries as Shakespeare continues to be so relevant to us today.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Out of the Habit

Piles of Pumpkins
Photo: October 1, 2018

When I posted daily I got into a rhythm of taking photographs, uploading them and then writing. This year I totally lost that habit as you can see by the paltry number of posts. Other things pile up and seem to take precedence and the less I commit to this, the easier it is to put off posting altogether. While I have taken fewer photos, I have still managed to get a number up to Flickr, which is where I have been posting photos since 2005.

Autumn Reflection
Photo: October 1, 2018

Time to stop and reflect... I am not yet ready to totally abandon this blog.

Fattening Up for Winter

A joy this summer into fall has been watching the ducks in the park grow from tiny ducklings into the adult you see here. Soon they will be gone for the winter. 

How to make writing part of my life again? I like the feeling the camera gives me - a chance to stop and observe, to record and remember, to focus in on both the image and the moment. When I was employed in the education field I thought a lot about the importance of consolidating learning through reflection. The blog lets me go back to photographs, to have another period of focusing, of thinking of the story the images tell and how to connect them and for me to connect with the images in a new way.  Food for thought.