Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 2/10: Not Quite Wildlife

June 2/10: Not Quite Wildlife, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Daily Shoot: Sunday challenge time! Find any sort of wildlife today, and make a photo. Get in close if you can and focus on the eyes.
Some weeks (never mind days) are just not meant for stalking wildlife. And it's not even Sunday...
This turtle is one of my collection from the days I taught in elementary school and MicroWorlds was a major part of my program. The logo turtle (which was later a logo of a turtle as "turtles" could transform into so many things) was important and so the turtle collection started. I wrote about it in more detail here.

I am delighted in the upsurge of interest in Scratch - a free version which resembles MicroWorlds in some ways. The possibilities are endless - it is really a sandbox with limitless opportunities for creativity.


  1. Not wild but definitely a turtle with character. Kind of makes me think of one of the turtles I have "Tootsie's Tykes". It's from The Quarry Critters collection.

  2. I remember your turtle collection. This one speaks of a forest habitat. I wonder what stories it could generate with children?