Sunday, November 18, 2012

Autumn Walk

Leafy Carpet

I have been somewhat absent from this blog for a few weeks - busy with boxes as I have moved. This was a big step, leaving my home and going into a condo. It's a beautiful place (I'll post pictures of the view, soon), but it has been a lot of work with packing and unpacking. And so many decisions!

It was good to finally find some time to walk and enjoy a beautiful autumn day. The air was crisp and refreshing, the kind of weather that gives you energy. I walked at Summit Park. I love the sound our footsteps make as they crunch on the dry leaves.

Frosty Leaf

It was interesting to see the different micro-climates. On the north side of the hill there was frost and frozen puddles - a foot in winter to come. While on the south side there was no hint of colder weather.

I find there is such beauty in the decay of autumn. The frost just added decoration.

Frosty Leaf

Tranquility in nature - it was much easier to get back to unpacking after this walk.

Frosty Leaf