Thursday, July 24, 2014

Along the Park

Bath Time
Photos: July 21, 2014

Montreal is on an island. Too often we don't feel that as we travel day to day without seeing water. I love to take walks with my friend who leaves near the shore. Her view looks out at the river. A nearby park is a spit of land that reaches out into the river, with a marina on one side and the river on the other. Despite its manicured look, wildlife abounds. Young families of fowl ply the waters, dodging the kayaks and canoes and other watercraft.

Canada Geese

Young Canada geese are almost full grown. They swim together, learning the ropes of adult behaviour.


Wild flowers grow on the river side. There is plenty of food for birds, bees and butterflies.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Summer Walk


I love to go to Parc-des-Rapides. There is something about the rush of the water, the many birds and flowers and the feeling that you are away from the city, even though you are not that always brings a sense of peace. And the breeze off the water takes away some of the summer heat.

Heron 2

I've been testing out my new 55-300 mm zoom lens along with my monopod. It's a little heavier to carry, but I like having that extra distance.

Heron 3

This heron co-operated giving me lots of time to shoot as it slowly meandered across the pond.


It felt odd shooting flowers with the large lens, but I couldn't resist the light.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Outdoor Breakfast

Café au Lait

A beautiful summer morning, an outdoor "terrasse", a friend with whom to enjoy it all - breakfast at Duc de Lorraine. Our days of outdoor eating are numbered in Montreal, so we all try to take advantage of them.

Breakfast at a café

Time to linger a little longer than in the busy days the rest of the year. Ah summer.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

CAMMAC Early Music Week

Studio in the Woods

I've been rather silent lately - a week at CAMMAC and some time to recover. And to celebrate a birthday.

Each year I write about CAMMAC and each year I extol the wonders of a week there - friendship, incredible teachers, lots of playing music and wonderful concerts - all in a little piece of heaven. Mix this all with a lot of humour and nature and the stress level goes way down. It is like a mental reset.

Alone on the Raft

For many more pictures of my week go to Flickr