Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 22/10: Railway Crossing

June 22/10: Railway Crossing, originally uploaded by susanvg.

I watched the train pass, container after container. With these huge boxes which move from ship to train to truck, goods are moved around the world. I saw containers from many countries and many companies - from China, from the Netherlands and others of unknown origin. The railroad is what opened up the country. Now it keeps us supplied.

It's a time of difficulty for the railroads. There has been flooding in the west, with some tracks washed out and now our passenger rail is facing a strike. I'm hoping it will be settled soon. It is a favoured way of travel for me and summer plans include some rail travel.


  1. I haven't traveled by rail since I was a young woman - I took the overnight alone from VT to PA. I did notice immediately the bicyclists in your photo, though - I've been traveling by that mode quite a bit.

  2. Another blogging friend just traveled by rail from California to Chicago and posted about it! I remember trains passing through my hometown...it's now a bike trail!

  3. I like trains, especially since they are more environmentally friendly than cars and trucks - at least I've been led to believe so. My fondest travel memories are from my university days when there was a cheap 1-month Interrail card that allowed us to travel anywhere around Europe. I did it twice. Really makes you aware of distance and the diversity of European countries much more than flying. There is now a train route through Russia to China - I and my husband have been dreaming of this journey.

  4. Interesting shot. I like how you captured the "We deliver" message. Seems fitting with the content of your blog entry.