Friday, March 2, 2018

Dreaming of Tulips

Dreaming of Tulips

Outdoors spring-like temperatures have come early with day time highs over freezing. The landscape is dirty. As snow melts the residue of winter filth is concentrated leaving a black coating over what is left of the snow. Sidewalks still have the gravel and sand that was spread to prevent falls on ice. I dream of tulips.


On my last trip to the market, I picked up a bunch. Indoors, at least, I enjoy hints of spring. I do like winter - when there is actual winter weather - cold, fresh snow, and a blazing blue sky. But grey is just that - grey skies, grey on the snow, a leaching of brightness from everything around.

Dive into the Tulip

These flowers make me slow down, to stop and take in each detail, to enjoy their transience. This year, I have vowed, there will be a succession of tulips to chase away the greys and enjoy the coming of spring.