Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 18/10: Croatian Memories

June 18/10: Croatian Memories, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Objects carry memories. Some we can access, others not. This piece of pottery carries the touch of its maker whom I will never know. It carries the approval of the person who chose it to sell. And it brings with it the memories of where it was bought. After taking this photograph, the memories of its purchase led us to revisit of our time in Zadar on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. First with words, we recalled where we bought it, trying to picture the old part of the town and what we saw there. Then through photographs we renewed our memories, once again wandering the streets, looking out over the Adriatic Sea, breathing the fresh sea breezes and dining on the succulent catch of the day.


  1. My niece is in Croatia as we speak- for two weeks on a yacht with 24 other mates from all over the place. I have not heard from her for a week. I try not to worry but I do.

  2. My home is crowded with objects that hold memories for me! It's how I decorate! I have many pieces of pottery my son-in-law made, a few I helped with, by cutting out stars and moons! Memories are such important moments!

    Your piece is beautiful!


  3. Such an attractive piece of pottery, together with your nice reflections. When I travel, I also try to find everyday objects that we can use at home, and then recall where they come from.

  4. Like Wanda, I live in a home full of memories - our sons actually built the house for us and many of our furnishings and decorations are crafted and have memories attached. It's comforting to me to be surrounded by these memories.