Saturday, November 7, 2015

Public Art

Taichi Single Whip

Tai Chi Single Whip is a sculpture that sits at one end of Square Victoria. While I have walked through the square many times, my starting point is usually at the metro exit and I continue south, so this was my first encounter with this sculpture. It is by Ju Ming, a Taiwanese artist. Public art is so important to me. I like to stop and linger, admire. It is a refreshing change from the advertising, the logos, the garish store signs that dominate much of downtown.

The Illuminated Crowd

I am sure I have featured this one before. The Illuminated Crowd by Raymond Mason is on McGill College. The sun really illuminated it and I could not resist taking another photograph. I walk a lot in the city and the many pieces of art I pass always add interest to my day. Like reading books, each time I pass I may see something new as the quality of the light and time of day changes the look of the piece and my reaction to it.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Fallen Leaves

Leaves lie scattered on the ground.
Slow decay

Frosted Leaves

First frost touches ground
soon to be burned off by the warming sun.

Autumn View

Autumn vistas change from red to golds

On Mont Royal

As the colour drains out of the landscape

We walked enjoying the autumn chill.
November is coming.