Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not quite a manhole

Not quite a manhole, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Every time I see one of these I cringe. They sit innocently at the edge of the sidewalk, but I know their sinister side. Some years ago, in an attempt to be environmentally sound in the days before curbside recycling, I carefully collected my recycling at home. Every so often I would drive it to the local collection barrels. One day I pulled up to the sidewalk near the barrels and my tire caught on the metal edge that slightly reached beyond the sidewalk. Pssssst I heard as it slashed my tire and the tire deflated. It wasn't easy being green nor was it cheap. I waited for the automobile club to come and change the tire then had to replace it.
Fortunately we now have curbside recycling but I can tell you I never park near one of these things. I remember too well the sinking feeling as my car settled onto the rim of the wheel.

Daily Shoot: Manhole covers have character and quietly tell a story. Make a photo of a manhole cover in your neighborhood today.

I had already photographed one in Casselman

May 15/10: Danger

and this one was not so differentIMG_0059

so tried to find a different angle - with my story.

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  1. A great story to go with your dangerous manhole covers. Too bad that the tire was slashed - I'm going to look out for them from now on!