Sunday, May 31, 2015

At the Quartier des Spectacles

Quartier des spectacles

Photos: May 26, 2015

I walked through the Quartier des Spectacles on my way to the metro after a concert of Les Boréades (not the sort usually held in this outdoor space). I love to see the side of this building - each "window" featuring a well-known musician. This is the area where the outdoor concerts are held for the Montreal Jazz Festival and many of these artists have performed in Montreal.


It was a hot night. The rows of red are fountains. Both on my way to and from the concert I saw children playing in the water - fun to see their joy.

Fountains at Night

We are fortunate in Montreal to have such a vibrant downtown, places where people can gather and enjoy the warm evenings and take pleasure in the visual delights. When festivals are on, and there are many in Montreal, this area is really hopping with crowds and music! and the fountains retreat....

Monday, May 18, 2015

Trillium Hunt

Starting to Fade

Every year I go hunting for trilliums. Perhaps hunting is the wrong word; I know where to find them. It is just that the season is so short, I never know if I might be too early or too late. Our spring this year has been unusual with a long cold spell followed by sudden heat. I almost missed the trilliums - a number of them were turning pink and starting to wither. The tree coverage has happened rapidly and soon they will all be shaded.

Pink Flush

It is odd to think that this beautiful blossom is turning pink because it is fading. While it still looks healthy, this is a sign of it being past its prime in the last stages before it will wither and drop off.

Trillium Time

Healthy and white this trillium still has a few days of blooming ahead.

A Carpet of Trilliums

Each year I marvel at the trillium carpet on the forest floor. They are here for such a short time; I make my annual visit to celebrate them.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Blossoms and More Blossoms

Spring Reflections

The air is scented with the many blossoms that have emerged in the last few days. Where not long ago there were bare brunches now everything has come into bloom. Not much fun for the allergy sufferers as all the trees seems to be releasing their pollen simultaneously!

Blossoms 1

But, oh what a feast for the eyes! There seem to be blossoms in every shade of pink. A profusion of petals!


It is impossible not to stop and stare with delight, to take in the delicacy, to let oneself ponder a single blossom in the midst of the sea of flowers.

Every Colour

Soon this show will be over and green will overtake the pinks. Spring is the season of changes when each day demands that Mother Nature's work be admired.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Spring in a Rush


No time here for spring - it happens in a rush. Our temperatures jump around in so-called spring with days of summer-like weather interspersed with cooler spring temperatures. A week of "summer" has jolted all the flowers and leaves to grow at once.


Tulips share the stage with daffodils, primroses and all sorts of spring blooms. Magnolias bloomed and dropped within a week.

Two Tulips

What a pleasure to see the plethora of colours after the white of winter.

Blossom Time

Each day brings new changes from blossoms to leaves. The world around is bursting into colour.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring at Parc-des-Rapides

Start of the Rapids

Photos: May 2, 2015

I'm not sure what it is about the rapids, but I love to watch the water. The constant change of the movement mesmerizes me. I watch it swirl and stare where the smooth surface suddenly turns into a choppy, seething rush over the hidden rocks.

Showing Their Colours

All around in the park, a spit of land reaching into the river, spring's arrivals are busy. Bird songs accompany the powerful sound of the rapids. 

On the Water

Some are here to stay for the summer. Others stop by on their way farther up north.


This heron has found his fishing spot. The water is low this year. We need some rain to fill up the rivers and streams and to dampen the forest floor to lower the risk of fires. Spring is here. A good rain will help things grow.