Saturday, January 19, 2019

Winter Takes Hold

Stand Tall

Winter faltered in December, bringing warmer weather and rain. It has now taken hold again, with snow, and, now, frigid weather.

Winter Blue

Some days bring glorious blue skies and a crispness to the air. The crunch of feet on snow is both a physical sensation and a sound. The cold, while bracing, is also energizing.

Winter Walk

We know how to dress so we stay warm - at least until the temperature drops too low!

Too Cold to Sit

Benches sit unused. One has to keep moving - though I do stop to admire and take a few photos. Exposed hands on the phone or camera, feel the bite in the air. Mittens are quickly donned to warm up the fingers.

Mist Rising

Today, at -23C (-9F) with a windchill of -34C (-28F) I have opted to stay in for a while, though I will venture forth for a short walk, dressing in a few layers to preserve the warmth and keeping as little skin as possible exposed - a crack for the eyes. From indoors, I watch the mist rise from the river as I sip my coffee.