Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14/10: Perching on Rocks

June 14/10: Perching on Rocks, originally uploaded by susanvg.

First I started taking photographs. Then I committed to a year of daily photographs. Then I started creating connections with others who embarked on the same journey; relationships formed. I admired their photographs (and often their writing) and wished I could capture images of the same quality. So after over a year of daily photographs I succumbed and bought a new camera and suddenly it's back to zero, trying to get a good shot.

Some days are just too busy for photo jaunts, but the drive to get a good photograph pushes me to go out. I have walked more, gone to more parks and noticed things I did not notice before - and now I am trying to "shoot" some birds. I guess I had better learn their names, be conscious of their habits if I wish to get the perfect shot.

You never know where photography will take you, but it takes you out of the house. I see fellow photographers and ask questions, look where their eyes look and start to see even more. Now I am thinking of joining the Montreal camera club, of taking a photography course in the fall.... I love to share my world with others, especially with those new friends from around the world who care enough to stop by this spot and leave a comment. Your words encourage me to try harder, to stay with it and to write.


  1. Yes I thought I would tottle along to the Nelson Camera Club at some stage as well.

  2. Your story sounds very much like me, the only difference being that I am only at the very beginning of the journey myself. I look forward to the road ahead, and you are one of the great inspirators for me.

    This is another great photo. I love the waves, and the shore in the distance, and then the birds on the rocks. A very peaceful and appealing scene.

  3. I like that you're writing more, but, of course, I still like to see what you see through the lens. One thing kind of leads to another with photography. There's so much to learn!

  4. My life changed as well when I began my personal challenge to shoot something fresh and new every day of course, I have to remember that I set the rules and there are days when the photo isn't totally fresh but mixed with the text, it is. I set the rules!
    But when I suddenly took a few breaks I realized that I missed my daily morning challenge and I am happy to be back in the groove, uploading, writing posting on my blog and to Facebook and then enjoying comments and returning the support, reading familiar blogs of my online community. What a powerful social networking process.

  5. This is a great post - good reflections and all so true!

  6. Bravo! Your steps are inspirations for and connections to many - it is amazing what the lens can do. I'm working on moving into a DSLR and out of P&S, but indecision on the 'right' one and the need time to commit is holding me back - I'll look for more guidance as you journey along! :)

  7. It is a journey indeed. I too enjoy chatting with fellow photographers and am so pleased I decided to do the 365 project. It has been a fun and educational experience. I appreciate the ideas and learnings I've received from fellow bloggers.