Sunday, May 1, 2016

Before the Crash

Nineteen Twenty-nine

I am assuming the 1929 means the date the car was produced - imagine life before the crash and after. This car was one of three waiting outside a church - I assume waiting for a wedding party.


It looked somewhat incongruous between the two stretch limos. Just by its date this car is now a luxury. I wonder what roads it travelled, who were its owners, how it managed to stay in such good shape. And does embarking on your marriage in an old car ensure the longevity of the union? Just a bit of musing...

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Painting on the Trees

New Growth

New leaves appear like splotches of paint on a canvas. Art by a pointillist painter? Or dabbed on like Jackson Pollock? Mother Nature has so many styles of expression.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Etched on the Evening Sky


Looking like skeletons, the bare trees reach towards the evening sky. Their flaws are bared - wounds from ice storms and winds. They are strong and resilient.

Etched on the Evening Sky

They feel the stirrings of spring as the temperatures slowly heat up and the days get steadily longer.  They answer to the rhythm of the seasons.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Through the Metro

Art in the Metro Station

I often use public transportation. Going to dense parts of the city, it just makes sense not to bring a car and deal with parking. This time I was in the metro because of my car. Although temperatures at night lately have dipped below freezing, winter is not likely to reappear so I left my car at the garage to have my tires changed from the winter ones to the summer set. I took the metro downtown for the study group I am taking at MCLL and then returned by metro to get my car.


Our stations are aging. The first metro stations opened in 1966. I remember the day before the official opening, people were welcomed to ride free. I went with friends, getting on and off to gawk at the stations, each with slightly different designs and colours. The stations are not so shiny now and escalators are often in need of repairs. On my way downtown I had to walk down to the platform - some 100+  stairs. Fortunately for those arriving, the up escalators were working. I'm glad my knees are still in good shape - the trip down would not have been fun for those with mobility issues and those with strollers or young children.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Walking Along the Shore

Puffed Up

Photos: April 26, 2016

While the temperatures have been a bit below normal, the sun has graced us with its presence. A friend of mine and I walked along the water's edge from Lasalle through Lachine. We were accompanied by the song of birds.


Everywhere you could see signs of spring taking hold. There is a delicacy in the emerging leaves; they wear the lighter shades of their colour palette, slowly darkening as they grow full.

A Little Rhythm

There is a vibrancy and rhythm to spring - the very name implies action.

Lying in the Sun

While I felt energized, not all creatures did. This fellow seemed quite content to just lie there and watch us.

Action in the Tree Tops

There was lots of action up high in a tree. This squirrel hopped from branch to branch feasting on the new growth.

Looking Out

Another day I'll sit and gaze out at the water. But for now I love the feeling of walking in spring.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Left Behind

Left Behind

I'm used to seeing single gloves or a dropped hat. This pair of shoes surprised me. There was no one in sight who may have left them. And why were they placed so carefully by the tree trunk? Did the person have another pair with him/her? So many questions. I'll never know the answers. Sometimes when I see things like this a whole story forms in my head explaining what I see. Do we always try to make sense of things or can some things always be a mystery?


On a Building

The building this graces is no longer a film studio but this vestige remains. Symbols of other cultures are no longer considered appropriate - in fact it is considered cultural appropriation. Native peoples, hopefully, will finally be treated with the respect they deserve. They have much to teach us. Why this face should be used as a symbol of a film company is baffling to me. Thomas King, whom I featured about ten days ago wrote a story called The Baby in the Airmail Box. It is a great example of looking at things from another point of view, told with much humour. Would native peoples use the head of a person of another background as a symbol of a native company? And what would our reaction be if they did? While I think we sometimes go too far with political correctness, I do think if we stop and substitute ourselves for the butt of the joke or the symbol being used and think about how we would feel, we might start to understand when humour goes to far and when cultural appropriation is not acceptable.

A few sports teams should be taking note.