Saturday, November 7, 2015

Public Art

Taichi Single Whip

Tai Chi Single Whip is a sculpture that sits at one end of Square Victoria. While I have walked through the square many times, my starting point is usually at the metro exit and I continue south, so this was my first encounter with this sculpture. It is by Ju Ming, a Taiwanese artist. Public art is so important to me. I like to stop and linger, admire. It is a refreshing change from the advertising, the logos, the garish store signs that dominate much of downtown.

The Illuminated Crowd

I am sure I have featured this one before. The Illuminated Crowd by Raymond Mason is on McGill College. The sun really illuminated it and I could not resist taking another photograph. I walk a lot in the city and the many pieces of art I pass always add interest to my day. Like reading books, each time I pass I may see something new as the quality of the light and time of day changes the look of the piece and my reaction to it.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


Fallen Leaves

Leaves lie scattered on the ground.
Slow decay

Frosted Leaves

First frost touches ground
soon to be burned off by the warming sun.

Autumn View

Autumn vistas change from red to golds

On Mont Royal

As the colour drains out of the landscape

We walked enjoying the autumn chill.
November is coming.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Autumn in the City

Autumn Colours

Everywhere you look the leaves are changing. The air has a crisp feel while underfoot the fallen leaves crunch under my feet.


Autumn is making her presence known.

A Touch of Orange

While I try to briskly walk to my destination, I cannot help but stop and admire the splendour.

Autumn Tree

Moments in a day - in an ever-changing season. This is not the time to hurry past; change happens quickly.

By the Grand Seminaire

It is the changing seasons that catch my fancy - spring and fall  - times of growth and change. Each day brings new wonders, new spectacles to savour.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Fall Comes

Season Changing

Photos: October 1-3, 2015

That splendid seasonal display is playing out. We managed to get away for a few days to the Laurentians where the wonders of the season were lit by bright sunshine.

Golden Leaves

What a spectacle! Time to stop and stare, admire, drink in the beauty.

Slow Changes

We were walking along the P'tit Train du Nord, formerly a railway line, now a long park stretching and connecting across the Laurentians. Cyclists, walkers, dogs... a smile as you pass.

Bursting Milkweed

The milkweed has burst, sending out the seeds of next year's growth. It creates natural sculptures.

Boats in AutumnA Blaze of Colour

What a glorious time of year! Each day the changes are noticeable.

But it is fleeting. Each moment to be treasured; each day to be enjoyed.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Bit of Ottawa


 Photos: September 25, 2015

We spent a few days in Ottawa, mainly to see people, but we walked and saw some sights, too. I like the openness of Parliament Hill. Despite the tragic shooting last fall, it is still a place where people can walk and enjoy.

  Women are Persons

New to me was this monument by Barbara Patterson (it was unveiled in 2000, but I guess I have never walked past it before):  "Women are Persons"  It commemorates  five Alberta women, the Famous Five (Nellie McClung, Irene Parlby, Emily Murphy, Louise McKinney and Henrietta Muir Edwards who fought to have women recognized as persons.   You can learn more about it here.

Detail of Women are Persons

This is a one of the figures in the monument. I think I would be toasting the victory with more than a cup of tea!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Stratford Ontario


Photos: August 18-20, 2015

My daughter and I went to Stratford, a charming city in Southern Ontario, where the Stratford Festival has been offering amazing theatre since 1953. While the theatre was the main reason for our visit (we saw 6 plays in 3 days), a visit to Stratford is no complete without a stroll along the water. Water fowl abound. Swans, many of which are quite tame and will actually eat from your hand are the iconic bird.

The Chase

They are still somewhat territorial among each other, but more so when they are nesting.

Public Piano

There are also a number of public pianos - this one sported a swan motif.

Amid the Feathers

Ducks are everywhere along the banks - eating, sleeping, preening, bathing and quacking.


It is always fun to see them shaking off the water as they dunk and preen.

Water Lilies

On the approach to the Festival Theatre there is a beautiful garden, complete with some water flowers. I can never resist photographing them.

I highly recommend the theatre at Stratford. This season there are 13 productions - actors take on roles in more than one. There are 4 theatres and in addition, there are lectures, concerts, tours of the costume warehouse, backstage tours... and, of course, walking along the water.

Friday, August 7, 2015

A Day in Val David


I love pottery, so a visit to 1001 Pots is always a treat. I managed to resist most of the creations, though I did leave with one new mug.

Then off for a walk. There is a long park  (le parc linĂ©aire: le petit train du nord)- it was once a railway line, connecting the villages of the Laurentians. Now walkers and cyclists use it in the mild months. In the winter is is used by cross-country skiers. I was finally out with my DSLR camera and stopped frequently to admire the flora.


Raspberries hung from the low bushes. I left them for someone else to pick. I have been enjoying my fill from the market. Such a great time of year for local produce!


I'm not sure what kind of flower this is, but it grew in abundance. Nearby were many milkweed - good to know the monarchs will have places to lay their eggs.

White Flower

Another unidentified flower grew low to the ground near the edge of the gravel road. Its delicacy spoke to me.

By the Water

I changed my gaze from looking close to looking wide. We have had enough rain this summer to keep everything lush and green.

Green on Green

Green on green. The sunlight danced on the leaves, calling attention to the beauty around me.