Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Restaurant Closed


Photos: September 27, 2016

Le Caveau was once a favourite restaurant of mine. While it is in the middle of downtown Montreal, it maintained the charm of the past. You may look at the dusty windows and see an abandoned restaurant.  I look with a time traveller's eyes, going back through the layers to remember times spent there. It was also favourite of my late husband. We went there when we were dating. I loved the canard à l'orange.

And I remember a dinner for his parents' fortieth wedding anniversary in 1969. We ate well and when dessert time arrived his aunt was intrigued by strawberries and pepper. She couldn't conceive of that combination. The waiter arrived with a serving along with 12 spoons so we could each try it. I remember being surprised by how good they were.

The Once Lovely Le Caveau

I have not been there in many years. Somehow, after my husband passed away over thirty years ago, I stopped dining. I had two young children and the restaurants I frequented were more family oriented. But I did take my much older cousin there and we dined, sipping on our wine (something she rarely did) and enjoying the pleasure of slow eating.

This building has sat empty, a relic of the past. I wonder what will become of it. Will it be restored and repurposed or razed some day to make way for another faceless downtown building?

Crocuses in Autumn

Crocuses in Autumn

Photo: September 26, 2016

Autumn brings many delights with the changing colours. I don't expect to see crocuses, those early spring flowers. Is this a new variety or just some overly ambitious flowers ready to start spring all over again?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Sunflower in the Quartier du Musée


Photos: September 25, 2016

Nothing says sunshine like a sunflower. This giant head looked down on me as I walked to a concert (Bach cantatas). Each year I marvel at the very idea that a seed can produce these giant flowers in a short season.

Sunflower Moose

Just nearby is this moose, echoing the sunflower theme. There are a number of these along Sherbrooke near the Musée des Beaux-Arts, which will shortly number four buildings in the area. This is the third incarnation of these critters; this recent coat of paint covers stripes which in turn covered some interesting quotations. The quotations were often about art and the role of art, appropriate for the proximity to the art museum. Now the moose just grin foolishly at passers-by, announcing the moos-eum sector of the city

Sunday, September 25, 2016

New Attempts at Getting Organized

My New Journal

Photo: September 25, 2016

I'm always trying new ways of getting organized. While I keep a calendar on my computer synched to my various devices, it is not a place where I want to put all the trivial details from reminders or what to buy at the store to memos to contact various people. For years I carried an extra little notebook where I could jot down things. It included post-its which sometimes moved multiple times as tasks never quite made the priority list.

I heard a programme recently which talked about bullet journals. I investigated and decided to try it out. It is a way of helping to sort out what is important to accomplish and what isn't. I set daily goals and at the end of the day assess if they were done. If not I can reassess if those goals not accomplished were important or can be let go. The journal is in transition as I am figuring out a layout and system that best works for me - there is no "right way" to set it up. Here is a good description. Some people treat their journals almost as works of art. Mine is simple with no decoration. I'm only into my first month of this method and so far I like it. And I think I am getting more done which includes time for leisure activities from setting aside time to read and practise my recorders.

Sculpture Outside the McCord Museum

Totem Urbain / histoire en dentelle

Photos: September 24, 2016

Tucked on window ledge on the side of the McCord Museum is this sculpture. It is by Pierre Granche and is titled Totem Urbain / histoire en dentelle (Urban Totem / History in lace)

Part of Totem Urbain / histoire en dentelle

Here you can see the full section of the side piece. This is a sculpture that takes time (which I didn't have as I was walking to meet someone). I'll have to go back and take in all the details.

Detail of sculpture

Here is another detail - an iconic Canadian scene with the canoe giving way to the development of farms and villages. I heard a podcast recently talking about how people no longer take time - how in museums you see people stopping by a piece of art, photographing and moving on. They end up with collections but no real experience of the work of art. We need to live in the present much more.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Concert Season Begins

Concert in a Church

Photos: September 22, 2016

The concert season is starting up and one by Infusion Baroque, a group of young musicians held theirs in St. John's Lutheran Church. Concerts take me to a variety of churches in all parts of the city. I think I have attended them in about 25 different churches; this was one I had not been in before. It is always interesting to see the interiors, some heavily ornate, others quite sparse and everything in between. And, of course, it is always wonderful to hear the music. I have known one of the members of this group since she was a young teenager; it is wonderful to see how she has developed as a musician. In fact, Alexa Raine-Wright, recently won the grand prize at the Indianapolis Baroque competition.

Organ in St. John Lutheran Church

In most churches there is an organ. This one was made by Helmuth Wolff. The church works with the music department at McGill. You can find out more here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Just Ducks


Sometimes a photo a day is just that - one photo. A walk through the park and a moment to stop and enjoy the ducks before getting my shopping done so we could eat supper.