Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Leaf Blowing

Leaf Blower

Photos: October 25, 2016

There was a time when rakes were the tool of choice in autumn. Now there is the noise and smell of leaf blowers. I'm amazed that there are still users of this tool who don't wear ear protection. Just walking past I had to block my ears.

Autumn Cleanup

There is something delightful of seeing the leaves swirl up as they are directed towards an area where they are piled up. Then the rakes and shovels take over as they are bagged or piled into trucks or left by the curb for the city to collect.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Pink Orchid

Photos: October 24, 2016

When all else fails- post a photo of a flower. I have quite a number or orchids. This is my newest one - an amazing array of branches each sporting several buds. I couldn't resist buying a new one, despite the fact the my others show promise of blooming soon.


This has been my most reliable plant. This last flower recently opening on a stalk that has had blooms for about a year. I thought the plant would go dormant for a while, but instead it has produced a new stalk with the promise of a number of blossoms. I have at least four others which have shoots that are well on their way to producing blooms. I never know what colour will be revealed as once they are dormant they all look similar. I tried attaching stickers to the pots but they fell off. So a number of surprises await me in the coming weeks.

And the Sun Came Back


Photos: October 23, 2016

Sunshine is so welcome after a few days of rain. Many leaves have fallen leaving some trees entirely bare.

And the Sun Came Out

Other trees tenaciously hang on to their leaves - their colours more intense in the afternoon sun.

Squirrel Party

The squirrels seemed to be having a party as about a dozen of them gathered in one area. Something delicious must have dropped from a nearby tree. Seeds? Crab apples? Whatever it was they were all indulging.

Lines and Shadows

Long shadows come earlier each day. Daylight hours are noticeably shorter.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Night Out

Jorge Donn by Elizabeth Macqueen - view 2
(sculpture by Elizabeth Macqueen: Jorge Donn)

Photos: October 22, 2016

My daughter and I both love ballet; we go together to Les Grands Ballets Canadiens each year. The performance on Saturday: Romeo and Juliet with choreography by Jean-Christophe Maillot and music by Prokofiev (I'm happy to say there was a live orchestra). It was beautiful, lyrical - simply wonderful. And it is always lovely to share the experience with my daughter.

Sensory Overload

Our dinner at a sports bar before the ballet was anything but lyrical - it is a place of sensory overload with loud music blaring and more screens than I could count. We were both happy to get out of there. Its only asset was its proximity to the theatre.

Rainy Night

Yet more rain greeted us as we left the theatre (this was taken while I was parked - it did not take long for my windshield to be covered with drops). It is not my favourite weather to drive in at night, but I do love the reflections like an abstract painting on the streets.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Rainy Days


Photos: October 21, 2016

There is something about a rainy day that gives one permission to hunker down, to enjoy all those indoor pursuits that feel like nesting. Sunny days pull one outdoors, especially those crisp fall days with the colours demanding attention. On rainy days, sitting with a good book seems like the perfect thing to do. Or baking and filling the place with lovely aromas. Or cooking in the slow cooker.

Raindrops on the Leaves

Let the rain fall while indoors I play music or visit with a friend. We have had a magnificent autumn but now rain is forecast for several days in a row. As it falls, so do the leaves. The days get shorter and the time of grey is returning. Time to find joy indoors.

Friday, October 21, 2016


Geometric Shapes

Photo: October 20, 2016

I love all the geometrical shapes in this umbrella. I admired it as it dried... and think of all those students who don't understand why geometry is important, AND beautiful.

The grey days of autumn are closing in. My bright yellow umbrella feels like a sunny orb I bask under as I walk.

The Geometry of an Umbrella

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Some Days It's All a Blur

It's All a Blur

Photo: October 19, 2016

Some days feel like this when the day is over-scheduled. I spent too much time in a car. First was an appointment downtown. I don't normally drive there but my scheduling mitigated against public transportation or walking. After dropping my daughter off at home, I headed out to the suburbs to play music with friends. The way home was my nemesis as we edged forward at a snail's pace. I would love to know why sitting is so tiring. I arrived home more tired than after one of my long walks. My driving was not yet over - a visit to a friend in the evening. This photograph was taken as I was stopped at a red light. It was good to be home at the end of it all; it was a full day!