Monday, January 18, 2010

Jan 17/10: My cousin

Jan 17/10: My cousin, originally uploaded by susanvg.

It would take a lifetime to tell the story and stories of my wonderful cousin. Although we are more than 30 years apart in age, she is my first cousin. Our grandmother had three children, the oldest of whom was N's mother, before being widowed. My mother was from her second marriage. N grew up in Romania and when she found herself an orphan at 16, she stayed one more year to finish high school and then immigrated to Canada to be with our grandmother. N and my mother were only 5 years apart in age and soon became very close and over the years as I became an adult our relationship became one of friendship too.

My cousin has always worked in jobs that brought her in touch with people and at 91 continues to volunteer and brighten people's days. A story teller, avid reader, caring person - she is a role model for aging well.


  1. I love her smile, Susan and wouldn't have guessed her age!

  2. I have been recording the voice of my elderly uncle recently. He has wonderful stories to tell and when he gets in a story telling mood I whip out my trusty iPod and record these snippets of history. I bet your cousin has great stories as well.

  3. What a grand lady! She looks gracefully young and I hope she continues to model how to live a long life with quality - we need women like her! :)

  4. Your cousin sounds like a remarkable woman, and obviously looking younger than her age because of her personality and involvement with people. An inspiration to all of us.