Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 358: The Market

Day 358: The Market, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Atwater Market the day before Christmas was a bustling place. I, too, was getting my last minute delicacies for the holiday table. I had already been to Les Délices du Marché earlier in the week. There you can find any kind of oil, vinegar, spice, rice, you name it. It is owned by a couple of men who always have a smile and a suggestion of what to buy. My first stop this time was to the Fromagerie du Marché Atwater. My spouse eats a lot of goat cheese and I stocked up on some new varieties from creamy, flavourful to a hard, cheddar. Here too, service is friendly and informative. I don't know how they can know so much about so many cheeses.

I next went to the organic butcher for a turkey. The upstairs of the market is lined with butcher shops, some with meat, others with many varieties of sausages. I had already filled my refrigerator with vegetables, but made a stop at one of the flower stalls - two bright red cyclamen to liven up the table.

Finally a stop at the liquor store for just the right wine to go with the turkey.

I don't know why shopping at the market doesn't feel like work, but shopping at a supermarket does. Perhaps it is the fact that you actually deal with people who help with decisions, who remember you from previous visits and who greet you with a smile. Perhaps it is the variety of colours and possibilities - no rows of similar boxes with prepackaged foods. Or maybe it is the constant seasonal changes. Whatever, I smile as I go through the market, enjoying the atmosphere.


  1. Wonderful image; you get a great sense of motion. The bright colors of the produce add just the right 'pop'. Happy holidays!

  2. Wonderful point of view regarding markets vs supermarkets. While we don't have super stores here in Gibsons, we don't have markets either. I miss having them.

  3. Ahhhh - it looks wonderful! Markets are always bustling, interesting places to shop. Hope your day went well, your meal was tasty, and your cold is better. Enjoy your break.

  4. I agree - markets and supermarkets are completely different experiences. As you say, the people and personal service. Plus, the stalls are run by owners. Outdoors and fresh air instead of artificial light and everything matching with logos. Markets are vibrant.