Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 356: White on White

Day 356: White on White, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Snow covers rooftops like marshmallow frosting turning this suburban area into a vanilla town. So many houses here have white or cream coloured siding - homes that were erected all at the same time. I'm a city girl. I love the diverse architecture found in a city as the decades wrote their stories on the buildings. Here in Casselman there is little diversity, not in the homes and not in the inhabitants.

I spend time here because my spouse works in Ottawa and as this is part way to Montreal he rented a place here so our travel time is cut down. Finding something to photograph here is often a challenge as the landmarks are those of anywhere in Canada - Macdonald's, Tim Horton's and Canadian Tire. Some small towns have a unique look; they have preserved the flavour of their beginnings. While there are some buildings that date back to other times, most in Casselman are of this homogenized architecture providing homes with little personality.


  1. That reminds me of a small town in Germany, Blaubeuren, where I stayed for a couple of months to attend a Goethe Institute in the 70s. There were regulation houses, fences, colours. I didn't care at the time, but I remember a guy from San Francisco who really hated it and kept going on about it.

    Meanwhile, we have green on green but later Summer will probably turn that to yellow.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Susan. I've really enjoyed the journey through your photo blog.

  2. But - that wonderful pink glow is worth photographing!