Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 339: Master Class

Day 339: Master Class, originally uploaded by susanvg.

I had the tremendous fortune to be in Toronto on the day that Stefano Montanari was giving a master class. Two professional violinists played sonatas by Italian composers from the early baroque times. Mr. Montanari played a sonata by Castello. All were accompanied by the Toronto Continuo Collective.

Toronto Continuo Collective
Part of the Toronto Continuo Collective

I think this was the best music lesson I have been to - as Mr. Montanari shared his musical ideas through explanations, playing his violin, singing and gesturing in the most expressive and eloquent way. I was so moved by his playing, so amazed by his pure pianissimo passages, and astounded by his virtuosic fast passages, all played to tell the story of the music in a convincing and elucidating way. His clear communication transformed the playing of the two violinists as they questioned their motives in interpreting various passages and experimented with alternate ways of expression.
Stefano Montanari

I felt I had been in the presence of some musical magic. I know I, in my own way, have been transformed. Though I can never reach the heights of these players, I will be questioning more my musical interpretation and trying to go further from just playing the notes.

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