Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 360: Icicles

Day 360: Icicles, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Freeze and thaw - so typical of Montreal winters, causing havoc on the roads as water enters the cracks and pries them open as it freezes. My icicles come and go as the water drips and freezes. Then all comes crashing down when the thaws take hold.

As a child we delighted in breaking off icicles and sucking on them. Now, in our sanitized society we think only of the possibilities for transmission of dirt and disease. Sometimes I think we overfill ourselves with fears of strangers, of answering doors, or dirt, of viruses. I will try to recapture the carefree feeling of childhood when possibilities were to be explored not avoided.


  1. Seeing the icicles brings back vivid childhood memories of fantasy and fun. So far, little evidence of icicles in southwestern Ontario.

  2. Hi Susan, Here you are at the 360th post already! Like you, I have icicles in Breckenridge. We knock them from the eves, and they begin to form anew - a rite of winter.

  3. My one and only icicle experience was in Upstate NY (Jordanville) in 1984. I remember it well and have photos of icicles dripping from our roof. I also bought Christmas tree icicles from a wonderful Christmas shop there. They look real. Great memories.

  4. ...and I do question our incessant safety precautions....

  5. I agree...we are so hyper cautious, kids can't possibly have as much fun as we did.

    I've enjoyed your blog this year. Thanks for popping in to mine and leaving comments. They helped to keep me motivated.

    Happy holidays!!

  6. Freeze and thaw, fluctuating conditions where I live, too, on the coast of the Baltic Sea in south-western Finland. Similar havoc to the roads, and the pavements are usually absolutely lethal every winter. It's much better inland, without the sea winds.
    Thank you for bringing back childhood memories, too! We also loved our icicles. Did you ever dare each other to stick your tongues on metal, though? Ouch, once mine got painfully stuck.