Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 350: Place Ville Marie

Day 350: Place Ville Marie, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Place Ville Marie, built in a cruciform shape is Montreal's first really tall building, and the first to build an underground shopping mall. Now the downtown buildings and malls are connected through underground passageways. This is particularly appreciated when the mercury dips down and the winds crank up.

I walked about ten minutes from my house to the nearest metro station. From there I was able to take the metro to Bonaventure and walked underground to Place du Canada where I had a meeting. I chose to walk outside to my next destination (hence the photograph), but could have walked the few blocks to Place Ville Marie underground. There are over 30 km (20 mi) of climate-controlled tunnels - bright, often lined with shops - so that weather does not have to limit shoppers, movie-goers, museum lovers, diners.... I still prefer the above ground routes, but have appreciated this underground alternative on many occasions.

For a map of the Underground City


  1. Glad you got your Vit. D today, Susan. Can't believe you only have 15 more posts!

  2. It's fun to gaze up, up, up at those tall buildings!