Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 363: Fabric

Day 363: Fabric, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Back to Aux Délices for more food and friendship. We stopped in at Maison Calico which is attached to the cafe (it's actually the cafe that is attached to the old building which houses the quilt shop. I love the many colours, shades and patterns on the fabric.

The building itself is over 250 years old. It once served as an inn. The broad wood floors creak a bit, reminding us of their age. It is fittting that this old building houses a craft that was so prevalent at the time of its construction. Quilting was a time for women to gather together to share their stories and their lives. The building still brings people together, for food, for quilting, for connections.



  1. The color outside is black and white - but inside there is brightness plus food and friendship. We never know what we might find inside...

  2. My mom still quilts and I love to see all of the colors, shapes, and designs.