Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 351: Inuit Sculpture

Day 351: Inuit Sculpture, originally uploaded by susanvg.

The Copenhagen talks are going on about climate change. Politicians are haggling about carbon credits. Instead of taking a leading role, our prime minister prefers to be a follower, reducing targets to those of the US to accommodate the oil sands - the dirtiest process for extracting oil.

This is an Inuit sculpture of a polar bear. How long will these majestic creatures be able to exist if the arctic seas open up? How long will the Inuit people be able to live in the lifestyle of their ancestors?

I had a tshirt which had the Native American proverb, ""We do not inherit the earth from out parents. We borrow it from our children." printed on it. We are stealing our children's future by making decisions based on short term gain - propping up the economy. What kind of Earth will we be giving our children?

We cannot wait to act. Each and every one of us has to be willing to change our lifestyles, even if in only small ways, to become better caretakers of the Earth so we can look honestly in our children's eyes and say that we have cherished and nurtured the planet they entrusted us with.


  1. Hi Susan, I had that quote put on a handmade tile coffee table. Each of us must love the Earth enough to act responsibly. Unfortunately, many times politics gets in the way of progress!

  2. Lovely sculpture to accompany your too-true message...will we ever learn?