Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 336: Curiosity

Day 336: Curiosity, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Mr. Curiosity (aka Basil) checks out every flower and plant in the house. He tests them for taste (with not always happy results) and checks their smell. Today he jumped up on the table (uh oh) and brushed against the lilies that were there. He now has a few swaths of yellow dye from their pollen. I wonder how long it will last.

The Guilty Flower

He is always curious. In 1998, during our infamous ice storm we were without power, but my trusty gas stove worked. He jumped up on the counter to check on what was cooking and didn't notice that his flank brushed the candle that was providing the light by the stove. I grabbed him and swatted at the smoldering fur. It was singed, but the flame had not reached his skin. The mark on his fur lasted quite a while but he was none the worse for wear.

We'll see how long he sports his yellow fur - just a little funky to go with the times.


  1. I think he just likes jazzing up that white coat! Great face on this guy...I'll be he's a fun companion.

  2. This makes me laugh...the same thing happened to the cat my roommates and I had in college. The roommate most inexperienced with cats decided a bath was the best solution. Believe it or not, she tried a bath with this cat on more than one occasion. The baths never once had a good outcome.
    I love the texture of your Basil's fur!

  3. Great photo of Basil - he wears yellow well!

  4. LOL - what does he think that blondes have more fun???

  5. Watch out he doesn't attract bees. Intelligent cat.