Thursday, December 31, 2009

365 Days

Day 365: Rising Sun
The sun rising - viewed through my window.
Actually I started just after the new year but I have posted more than 365 photos. Here are a few statistics.
I have had almost 5000 visits to my blog (that one shocked me).
Official count from ClusterMaps

Statistics updated 31 Dec 2009@09:16GMT: 4,962 visits
Total since 7 Jan 2009: 4,962.

That includes visits from 6 continents (none from Antarctica!) and hits from over 70 countries. I imagine many were surprised by what they found - not at all what they were looking for.

My photos on Flickr have been viewed over 8000 times.

A photo I took at the request of Tim for his brother's 50th birthday has been visited over 700 times!

I have had comments on almost all my posts - most from my wonderfully supportive followers whose input certainly kept me going.

Some comments that I received included:
I posted a photograph of a stained glass piece from my house - I had a note from the artist's son.
I posted photograph of the Hurtubise House - a had a note from someone who said her aunt was involved in saving the house from demolition.
I posted a photograph of the Russel dry bridge - I was contacted by CBC who wanted to use the photograph in a documentary - I didn't see it - but understand I got credit for it.

But those are just the statistics - I have connected with other photographers / bloggers and have so enjoyed visiting their blogs, learning from them and with them. Can I stop this? Not a chance - I'll continue, with less intensity, but the photographs and stories will keep coming.

And now - I'll go downstairs and lift a glass to the year that is passing - to the incredible trip this photo journey has been, to the virtual friends I have made. Then on to the future and the next leg of the journey.


  1. Susan, it's surprising but you shouldn't be surprised by your stats. I've loved your daily posts, your images and your way with words. Thankyou for your comments; they kept me going. I look forward to whatever form your blog takes this year. I wish you and your family a very happy new year.

  2. Well done and a very Happy New Year to you!

  3. Impressive stats, Susan. Thanks for sharing your pictures and anecdotes. Always a pleasure. Our class blog needs updating. We have photos and notes to upload after the new year. I've decided to take on the 365 challenge myself. I'm using my iweb to do so. I may regret not using blogspot because of the convenience and contacts. I guess time will tell. Here's my address: - One Picture at a Time/Blog/Blog.html
    Hopefully I will get some followers. Any hints or tips would be helpful.
    Happy New Year. I wish you all the health, love and happiness you can handle in 2010!

  4. Congratulations Susan - what a great year. I've loved your photos and your writing. I wish you great success and happiness as you continue...