Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 361: Relaxing

Day 361: Relaxing, originally uploaded by susanvg.

A favourite for an evening of relaxation is to do the crossword (NY Times Sunday crossword a week later in our newspaper). My spouse and I sit down, pencil sharpened. We zigzag around, finding the clues that we can easily solve and then go back to try and fill in the blank spots. I admit we resort to help at times. My laptop comes to the rescue as we check out a few answers (neither of us are up on popular culture, so help is sometimes essential). Years ago I used to haul out dictionaries, atlases, whatever I needed. Now the Internet makes life so much easier.

We solved this week's without too much intervention and solved some of the other puzzles on the page. Neither of us feels ready to tackle the cryptic crossword. Our minds just don't seem to work the way the puzzle writer's does.


  1. Reference not immediately available, but remember a recent documentary noting that the impact of 'thinking' puzzles do so much for increasing problem-solving skills - really, no surprise, but nice to be validated! Also, nice that it is an enjoyable least, for some! :)

  2. In our house doing the crossword puzzles is a solitary affair (see my day 361 post). I like that you do them together!

  3. I never even thought of using the Internet - I thought that would be "cheating!" (However, I could use some help, since I can never solve it!)

  4. Judy and I have never gotten in to doing this, but we have lifelong friends who tackle this puzzle on a weekly basis too. Sometimes when we are visiting - we see them 3 or 4 times a year - I'll make some wild guesses. Looks like fun.