Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 348: Meeting Friends

Day 348: Meeting Friends, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Sometimes we get so caught up in work and the myriad of things to do in our lives we forget to set aside time for friends. A colleague and two former colleagues of mine have made a point of meeting a few times a year for lunch as friends. Today we met in Aux Délices, a small restaurant located in a building over 250 years old.

I first discovered this building when I had gone to Pointe Claire Village and, being early for an appointment, wandered around. My eye caught sight of a quilt in the window all blues, purples and turquoise - truly magnificent. I had to go in and look more closely. The building housed a quilting store with fabrics on the main level and room for classes upstairs. I enrolled in a quilting class and learned to painstakingly create templates, trace them onto fabric, cut and then piece the shapes together to create a sampler of quilt squares. I naively planned for a queen-sized quilt for my daughter. Five years later I still have the 15 squares I made, waiting to be pieced together. I keep planning to get back to it, but....

I used to say that about friends. When I have time we'll get together. But as I get older, I realize you have to carve out time for what is important. And there is nothing more important than people. My friends and I have already planned our next meeting, this time a supper. Together we piece together the fabrics of our lives and sew our lives together in a friendship quilt.


  1. Lovely ... I think this is something I need to work on with some of my friends in the new year. Thank you for the prompt.

  2. Great reminder about what is important in our worlds...And I look forward to seeing that finished quilt featured in a future blog post! :)

  3. Beautiful photo - important reminder. Thanks for both!

  4. Wonderful post on Friendship and missed opportunity, Susan. I really like how you start with the concrete and end with the more ephemeral. That restaurant does look like the perfect place to chat and catch up with good friends!

  5. I have been caught up in life and busy, busy, busy this past week.
    In catching up with your posts, I'm faced with this important reminder.
    Thank you for that! (your snow photos are beautiful!)