Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 274: I need flowers

Day 274: I need flowers, originally uploaded by susanvg.

This is the first day that I did not take a photograph. I need flowers to ease my stress, so here is an earlier photo.

Timetable of my difficulties (nothing compared to what is happening in The Philippines, Indonesia...)

Monday evening I went to install Snow Leopard - my computer died.
The good news is that it was still covered by my AppleCare Warranty (never buy a computer without one). The bad news is that repairs take days.
Tuesday I bought a new computer and started to get it set up the way I like it (my data, applications etc were recovered but it had to be done manually).
Wednesday I tried to synch my iPhone - had to re-setup various permissions so it could be allowed to play audio books from Audible (my computer, too had to grant permission). In synching, my iPhone was populated with many duplicates which I started to delete
Thursday - I found that not only had it deleted the duplicates from my iPhone but it had deleted all the entries from my iCal - no up to date agenda. It also wanted to delete all my contacts from my computer!!!! Yesterday's (Oct 1) lack of photograph is due to the enormous amount of time I spent dealing with all this. I restored my iPhone (to eliminate the problem of duplication etc.) only to find it could not copy any of my music or audiobooks.
Friday - After sleeping on the situation - I thought the problem was a corrupt file in my iTunes library (which lived on an external HD). I tried to delete the file - which led me to believe the problem was the hard drive.

So..... after copying the backup I had of my music library onto my very ample new computer, purging my iTunes library and importing the new version, resetting up playlists...... my iPhone has now synched.

The old computer needs a new hard drive which is covered by my applecare warranty (only good until Jan10) so now I will have a backup computer until it decides to die. I think it's time for a new external HD for yet another backup.

All this while I am trying to work, pack up my kitchen for renovations which start next week and deal with all the other realities of life.

So forgive me for no legitimate Day 274 photo - but I really needed some flowers.


  1. Oh, I think that day might have just killed me!
    I'm very impressed with all you were able to accomplish...I need hand-holding through any computer process that doesn't have to do with blogspot or iphoto! ;D
    Good luck to you on your kitchen project! I can't wait to see it!
    (I hope to have my final-final photos posted in the next week or so, just waiting for my "decorative" touches to fall into place)

  2. Here is a virtual bouquet for you ...

  3. I'm sorry to hear that. Computer problems like that are no fun and extremely time consuming. I hope you didn't lose anything irretrievably...

  4. I'm exhausted just reading that! Did you end up getting any sleep? Technology can be a real pain in the neck!

  5. You are definitely forgiven. I felt stressed just reading the post! Hope the computer is A-OK now - after all your hard work!