Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 282: Apples!

Day 282: Apples!, originally uploaded by susanvg.

A dreary rainy day echoing the dreary state of my house. Workmen are pounding, drilling - beginning the slow rebuilding of my kitchen. Dusty plastic hangs over every opening.

I set out to the market for food and colour and was not disappointed. There are many apple orchards outside Montreal and the market was full of many varieties of apples.

Usually this time of year I cook and fill up my freezer, but with no stove I can only stop and admire the local produce. I bought a few items that don't need cooking, but the soups, ratatouille and apple sauce that usually fill my freezer will have to wait - unfortunately by then the available vegetables will have come from somewhere else.


  1. Glad you could get out of the dust and noise to go to market! It's dreary here in Denver, too - however, 3 of my Grandchildren will soon fill our house with movement and color.

  2. I'e never heard of a LOBO apple...I'm going to have to find one and try it!
    I'm fond of the Pink Lady, though they're not grown around here.
    My favorite local apple is the Honeycrisp.