Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 283: Orange Leaves

Day 283: Orange Leaves, originally uploaded by susanvg.

We took a drive out to the country to see the last of the autumn leaves. Higher up and further north, the nighttime chill speeds up the change of seasons. The fiery reds have given way to oranges, yellows and browns. It was good to leave behind the frenzy of the city. Walking along le Parc RĂ©gional Dufresne - on what used to be a railway line we were intoxicated by the smell of fresh air, dry leaves, cedar and pine. Birds chirped and the occasional cricket could still be heard along with the sound of water in the nearby river.

Along with the bright leaves there were the beiges and browns of the fallen leaves and the dried up grasses and flowers.

Milkweed dries on the stalk, its seeds scattered ready to begin again in spring. The monarchs which feed here have long gone to warmer climates.

Little Rapids

By evening we could see our breath in the crisp air. It's a time for soups and fires in the fireplace thoughts of hibernation as nature shuts down for a rest.


  1. Your photos look crisp as the air, Susan. Very cold here, too, with fall nearly spent.

  2. Even though it's getting cold and there's a good chance you'll get rained on at any moment, it's great to be outdoors this time of year! The light in your orange leaves photo is beautiful - bright, but not enough to blow out the colours in the leaves. Great shot!