Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 280: Urban Art

Day 280: Urban Art, originally uploaded by susanvg.

So often, driving in the city, I see walls spray painted with graffiti. While some of it is creative, most of it is just tagging, which to me is a totally self-centered activity. I always love to come across a mural painted on the side of a building; this is a new one for me.

In my youth, the only wall murals were giant advertisements. I photographed one several months ago. Now there are a variety of murals around the city, some, like this one, conceived as a whole and others done by talented graffiti artists. They do add life to the city.


  1. This is a good one! It feels a bit Peter Max-ish to me.
    You always find the most interesting subjects!
    We pass a city with several murals on our way to our cabin. I'll have to stop and take pictures next time. I think you'd love them!

  2. This one is great - colorful with some underlying meaning! :)

  3. So much better than an advertisement! I like the taxis at the bottom of the scene. They punctuate the urban context. The paint colours pop nicely with the grey sky as a backdrop. Nice work!

  4. This is lovely! I love the colors.