Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 276: Chinese Lanterns

Day 276: Chinese Lanterns, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Light can feel like magic, especially when it is making Chinese lanterns glow. Each year the Botanical Gardens displays theme-based Chinese lanterns which are designed in Montreal and made in Shanghai. This year's theme was astronomical, with lanterns representing the Chinese asterisms or constellations. There is one below. The lanterns lights danced on the water.

Lanterns 3

There were also a number of lanterns of performers: musicians, acrobats...

Lanterns 1

If you want to view a couple more photos click to see a dragon and another dragon.

It's quite magical and a lovely way to spend an evening, the warmth of the light fending off some of the damp chill of a drizzly autumn evening.

You can learn more about this event here.


  1. Beautiful set - I bet it was magical to watch in person - amazing how intricate most of these are...

  2. This is beautiful...I bet even more so in person!

  3. Susan, This is a wonderful exhibit - your first picture looks like stained glass. Our botanic garden also hosts some fabulous exhibits - I'd love if they'd host this one.

  4. Very cool! I wonder if Seattle ever does anything like that - I'd like to see it. Good work on the low-light photography!

  5. These are marvelous! I wish my daughter was going to be having some hockey games up that way so we could swing by to see them. Thanks for sharing the beauty.