Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 302: Arlo

Day 302: Arlo, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Arlo Guthrie and Family's Montreal concert was delightful, nostalgic, moving and most enjoyable. It was a tribute to the Guthrie who started it all: Woody, with many of his songs along with songs written by his children who were on stage - sung and played by Arlo, his children and his grandchildren. It was a trip backwards and a look forwards, always with a positive, upbeat feeling.

It is amazing how music touches us, triggering memories, emotions, bringing people from our past back to life. Woody Guthrie and Arlo were very much part of my past. I grew up on Woody's songs and matured with Arlo's. As I listened my mind swirled with images of my childhood, of a cold, snowy winter night when I went to see Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie, of evenings spent singing with friends.... And his children sang some of their songs which triggered memories of myself as a young mother. Each song spoke to me; some brought smiles, some tears and most brought joy.

Their land is my land and I pass on to you the message from their last song - all I can give to you is my peace. Please pass it on.


  1. Oh - how I'd enjoy this concert! Nostalgia, for sure. Peace be with you, too.

  2. How simply delightful for you - sounds like it was fun and meaningful! :)

  3. Great photo! It is fun to go hear artists that play the "soundtracks of our lives"...

  4. What a great experience. One of my favourite musicians... I envy you the opportunity to attend such an event.

    And, as I heard many years ago as I grew up as an altar boy, "May peace be with you."

  5. This would have been a great concert to attend. Looks like you had great seats...or a long lens! ;D

  6. This one caught my eye because we own a few Arlo and Woody Guthrie CDs and listen to them quite often. As soon as Greg gets off the phone, I'll show him this photo. Lucky you getting to listen live to this music.