Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 298: Golden Carpet

Day 298: Golden Carpet, originally uploaded by susanvg.

The reds have given way to the yellows. A golden carpet of leaves covers the path in transition to the drying and browning that will come. A last hurrah before the grey days of November. Walking in October is accompanied by the smells of autumn - the slight decaying odor of the leaves that have fallen. Our feet crunched on the already dry leaves and swished through the more recently fallen. Time of change.


  1. Wonderful commentary to go with the visually appealing image - love the shadows on this one very much!

  2. What a wonderful photo - it invites the eye to wander down the leaf-strewn path. PS I see (on your last post) that you're at 300. Now I'm starting to worry about what you will do when you reach 365!

  3. I feel like I can actually step into this photo, it had great depth.