Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 273: Letting Go

Day 273: Letting Go, originally uploaded by susanvg.

I'm getting my kitchen redone. Everything has to be packed up. This is part of my get rid of pile. Even it is full of reminiscences. The ceramic pumpkin, with candle inside, would glow on our table at supper time in October. My children are well in their twenties; the custom has fallen by the wayside.

This plastic car was given to me by my sister-in law. She knew my then young son loved anything with a motor. What could be more fun than a jello car! My son was sick with a sore throat. It seemed the perfect time for cool jello. I prepared the jello, poured it in the mould and walked gingerly to the refrigerator. As I opened the door the car tipped, spilling jello on the floor and into the fridge. What a sticky mess! That was the last time I used this car. Yet it has sat in my cupboard for over twenty years. Time to let go. Time to move on.


  1. Letting go can be exhilarating. Now you have the memories in the photo.

  2. Catching up with you, Susan. I enjoyed this reminiscence. Can you believe that the jello car has provided material for your 273rd post? Too bad it has to go...

  3. Looks like Vera placemats, too? I used to love Vera prints!