Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 297: Fado

Day 297: Fado, originally uploaded by susanvg.

On a rainy night we left the dark and gloom behind and stepped into a Portuguese restaurant. It was Fado night, an evening of Portuguese dining followed by a concert of local Fado performers. The meal, a leisurely affair was delightful.

Fado is normally performed accompanied by a Portuguese guitar, pictured here and a classical guitar. The Portuguese guitar has 12 steel strings and is plucked using the nails giving it quite a bright sound. Fado songs are quite melancholy, speaking of the sorrows of life - love, loss, difficulties. As such, the music is quite intense. The music is hauntingly beautiful and touches the soul.

You can learn more about fado here.

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  1. Interesting... so many of us seem to be on a quest for the things that "touch our souls". I'm finding those treasures these days in the photos that I take in my mind's eye. Sometimes the ones that emerge from my camera bare a resemblance - sometimes not. I often find them in the photos of others in the 365 group. I find them here too in the wonderful stories you tell to give context to your photos. Thanks for sharing!