Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 285: Pile of Leaves

Day 285: Pile of Leaves, originally uploaded by susanvg.

The winds and rain have brought down many leaves. They lie on lawns waiting to be swept into piles on the street. Eventually the city trucks come and scoop them up to take them to the recycling centre where they are composted.

No childhood is complete without playing in the fallen leaves. I love the crunchy sound they make and tossing them in the air to watch them fall again is great fun. As we walked today we saw a youngster walking through the piles left by the side of the road; the delight on his face was obvious. Nothing quite says autumn as walking through the leaves while crunching on a fresh-picked apple. I must go to the market again!


  1. What a nice variety of color and texture - add to that your description of the taste and sounds of fall and all of our senses are engaged! :)

  2. You've just transported me mentally to my childhood. I think my senses were heightened then compared to now. Beautiful colours.

  3. A mosaic of leaves - a crazy quilt of leaves - your photo says end of fall! Hope your kitchen project is on-track.

  4. ooooh...look at those colors!! i almost want to eat them or bathe in them or something. Is that weird? I just love the colors. :)