Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 281: This was my kitchen

Day 281: This was my kitchen, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Days of packing are over and now I live in a haze of dust. Demolition was speedy. Tomorrow the electrician, plumber other workmen start the lengthy process of rebuilding. It's odd to see the "bones" of the house - the wood floor that was laid in 1936. The kitchen had been redone since then. I wonder what the original one looked like.


  1. Oh, my! I'll be glad to see it finished - hope you are right about "speedy."

  2. Here's wishing you a speedy re-build!

  3. I love seeing the bones, the history. Just think about the finished product!

  4. It IS amazing how fast the demolition goes, isn't it?
    Trust me, it feels good when the whole thing is over! Just about the time you get sick of living this will be done. (I hope!)
    Best of luck to you!

  5. Wow that's impressive! What fun remodeling can be. We're doing the same thing - I should post a photo of ours...