Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 275: Organ Pipes

Day 275: Organ Pipes, originally uploaded by susanvg.

These organ pipes served as the backdrop for a joint concert given by Ensemble Arion and Tafelmusik. The pipes live in Salle Claude Champagne. Organs are usually up high in the back of a church - here it takes the place of pride.

This is not my favourite hall for concerts. It is too wide so if you are not in the centre section you don't have a good view of the orchestra. In addition, I find it feels too stark for the music I love to hear: baroque and renaissance music. This is not aided by the fact that the stage is lit and the lighting people seem to like to change to colours shining on the organ with each piece. At times it shone blue, other times magenta.

But the music was lovely, especially the second half of the concert which finished with a rousing rendition of Handel's Fireworks Music. That's when the lighting people should have shown off their skill by emulating the fireworks that should have accompanied the piece. I once saw an outdoor version complete with fireworks as part of the Montreal Baroque Festival - quite a spectacle!


  1. I can almost hear the music - so majestic!

  2. Oh - lost my comment! Well, I'll try again...the pipes are spectacular, but I do see a bit of color on your photo. Hope your weekend is restful.

  3. Barb snatched my word - spectacular!