Monday, January 3, 2011

Fire Station Tower

Fire Station Tower, originally uploaded by susanvg.
I often find myself driving past buildings and thinking I should stop and take a picture. Architectural details interest me - old doors, stained glass windows, decorative details. This time I stopped by the fire station on Gatineau in Montreal. The tower once must have been used to watch for fires. The building was constructed in 1908. At the time the tower probably was higher than all other buildings around. Though most of the buildings nearby are still two stories, there are newer apartments and office buildings that surpass this tower.

Here is what the main part of the building looks like.
Fire Station

This fire station adds character to its surroundings, unlike many of the utilitarian buildings of more recent times.


  1. There certainly is a charm in old building - as the colours and lovely arch doors of this fire station. So many modern complexes are just horrid metal boxes.

  2. What a beautiful building! Definitely more attractive and full of character than most of the newer buildings.

  3. I'm wondering for what this building is used now? I think maybe I do see a red firetruck in one of the garages, so maybe still a fire station. It would be so unusual that a building would be so old and still have its original purpose.