Thursday, January 13, 2011


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Just read the tag!
Buying clothing has become more complicated with moral decisions accompanying fashion decisions. There was a time when I shopped that I bought something if I liked it and I could afford it. Now many criteria affect my decision. Where was it made? Do I want to support outsourcing or goods made in my country? Was it made in a sweat shop? What is the fabric? Does it breathe? What are the washing requirements? Does it have to be dry cleaned? What about environmental questions - if it comes from far is this a good choice? Is it made from a renewable resource? ... So many questions with answers often conflicting. Complications...


  1. What can you buy nowadays NOT made in China? My list is shorter - no to dry clean only and is it comfortable! I'm finding I don't want to shop for clothes as much - I just wear my old standards and use a scarf or pin to spruce up the outfit. I'm determined to use what I have and buy less this year. (Well - I might have to have a pair of new skis...)

  2. PS Susan Thanks for the TED link - I just watched the 3 A's of Awesome.