Monday, January 24, 2011

Music is a Beautiful Thing

Music is a Beautiful Thing, originally uploaded by susanvg.
Notes on a page don't mean a lot until you let them come alive through voice or instruments. Today I played this sonata by Handel with a friend playing the continuo line on her cello (with one of her cats playing the audience).

What a treat to find the music in the notes, the sense of elegance and joy. The instruments carry on a conversation, sometimes supporting each other, sometimes answering each other. It is a challenge to find what the composer wanted to say and at the same time to add something of yourself in the playing.

Daily Shoot: Celebrate the pretty things in life. Make a photograph of the most beautiful thing you see today.


  1. Interesting point: finding what the composer wanted to say and adding something of yourself in the playing. Must be satisfying when you feel you've done a good job. Funny how animals seem to appreciate music. My dog always comes and sits when the boys play.

  2. Music is a beautiful thing and you are blessed with the talent of making it with friends.

  3. Oh - how I wish I could read music and play as you do, Susan. A wonderful gift! And the kitty appears to be entranced.