Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Up to the Door

Up to the Door, originally uploaded by susanvg.
I was at the Westmount Library for a lecture. I love the idea of libraries, but I am an inveterate book buyer. I love to own books, and like a librarian, every so often I painfully have to weed books from my collection. I have stacks still unread. I know I should join a library. I'm actually a member of the provincial library (BANQ), but mainly use some online databases. It's just that I'm not good with reading to a deadline and if a book is good, I like to see it on my book shelf reminding me of the treasures lying within.

Daily Shoot: Make a photograph with a triangular composition.
I got out too late - so the triangle is somewhat obscured by the darkness.


  1. I really enjoy the shots in and around Montreal. A wonderful chronicle.

  2. I see the triangle, Susan - and I like the lighting. I still love libraries - just to go inside to see and smell all those volumes!

  3. Yep, can totally relate. I LOVE reading and I like copies of my special books on my shelf where I can always 'visit' them.

  4. Neat architectural shot - love how the light captures the detail. So glad that libraries play a proactive community role, too!

  5. This is lovely! It draws you right in! I love books too and have way too many in my home. I treasure them and keep adding to the collection. I have taken the step though of joining Audible a while back to listen to books on my drive back and forth to work. I miss that time of listening as now my trips are usually shorter ones!