Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cyclamen Flowers

Cyclamen Flowers, originally uploaded by susanvg.
This time of year I need flowers. I featured this plant a few days ago. Some of the buds have now opened. As I check out my online friends' photostreams, I linger over the flowers in Florida and southern Australia. Greenery and colour abound. I have to be satisfied with my indoor garden. But today the sun shone, with brilliant blue skies.

Yellow Spotted Orchid

This yellow orchid sits on my window sill. putting a splash of colour in front of the sometimes white or grey landscape. I follow the growth of each plant, delighting in new buds, waiting patiently for them to open. Four of my orchids have sent up shoots. More flowers to come soon.


  1. You have captured the flowers beautifully in the sunlight streaming through the window. Reminds me to get some colourful flowers for the weekend tomorrow!

  2. Thank you for these. I remember the Cyclamen buds. The flowers' reflection in the window is lovely. That orchid looks like a tiger! I have one orchid given to me many years ago - it has only bloomed once (this summer). I was thrilled!

  3. Great captures with the brilliance of blue in the background - your garden is beautiful!

  4. Beautiful flowers. It's nice to see such vibrant colours, especially at this time of year. Thanks.