Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Where does it lead...

Where does it lead..., originally uploaded by susanvg.
Montreal has many underground passageways to let people move from one building to the next without going outside. Some are lined with shops. This one twists and goes up and down.

A busker along the way

A busker takes advantage of the warm spot to ply his trade. The sound reverberates along the passageway just as his image reverberates through the mirrors. He seemed to have charmed many passers-by as his case had amassed a tidy sum. Fortunately no snakes were dancing out of it.

What's Around the Corner

Down the stairs you can see beyond as the mirrors let us glimpse around the corner.

This path leads one way with no branches, no decisions, so unlike the path our life takes with choices, back-tracking, breaking trails, and finding new paths to take.

Daily Shoot: Make a photograph featuring a path, road, or trail that leads the eye through the photograph.


  1. What a universal truth you gleaned from this set of photos, Susan. I always enjoy your writings about the photos.

  2. It was interesting to follow your walk through this passageway. Sometimes underground passages may be cold and frightening spaces, but you made this one very human.

  3. Nice series of photographs - the passages look so clean and litter-free, unlike the typical city streets. Great commentary connections, too!