Saturday, May 29, 2010

May 28/10: Columbine

May 28/10: Columbine, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Little steps in learning. I tried out my macro setting and got a few nice shots. I love columbines and have written about them before. It's easy to get lost in their complexity. They flower in profusion and seem to dance over the long stalks.

But this time - it is really about learning to use my camera and learning patience. I think I liked a point and shoot camera for years because of its simplicity. I could do what the name implied - point, shoot and voila! there was my photograph. I was interested in snapshots, in memories. Now I have challenged myself to try photography. I am just figuring out how the camera focuses. It's a new Zen exploration - learning photography, learning mindfulness, learning complexity...

Columbine 2


  1. Columbines are definitely a favorite! Macros are so much fun - hard to imagine that we typically overlook that perspective in daily life - have fun with it!

  2. These are lovely shots! I can identify with the learning- it is a challenge but a good one. I have another blog about my learning at
    You can see my frustrations and the slow learning - I'm just now starting to put some of the things together. It is a worthwhile experience. I laugh sometimes because when I am with Genesis while shooting- many times her "point and click" looks better than my planned shots. :-) Keep at it and we'll share the joys and frustrations!
    Again, I love these shots! Good work!

  3. I love the detail. Nice captures!

  4. Such fragile beauties! That white variety is unusual. I think there is endless experimenting to do with the DSLR - I like the results you're getting!

  5. Great shots! Definitely looks like your practice is paying off. Keep shooting.

  6. Love looking at macro flower shots! Keep it up!