Sunday, May 2, 2010

Apr 30/10: Through the Doorway

Apr 30/10: Through the Doorway, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Coming out of the metro, we approached this doorway into the lobby of Salle Pierre-Mercure where the audience was lining up to go into the theatre. Anticipation for the concert of Arion Baroque Orchestra, led by guest conductor/violinist, Stefano Montanari.

What a concert! Montanari demonstrated his incredible musicality and virtuosity and the orchestra played superbly. I had the privilege of watching Mr. Montanari give a master class in Toronto which enhanced my enjoyment of the concert. I could really hear how he put his ideas into practice. He knew what he wanted to say, musically and made sure the orchestra understood his ideas and motives. We heard an extraordinary version of The Four Seasons, by Vivaldi, played as a whole with much liberty taken with tempo, improvised passages and short pauses - while I may not have agreed with absolutely everything in his interpretation, it made for an incredible evening. You could hear the brightness of spring, the sensuous summer and brittle winter. I hope to hear him again soon - he is a musical wonder.

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  1. I can sense you enthusiasm, Susan, whenever you write about music! I like the depth of this photo, too.