Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 15/10: Danger

May 15/10: Danger, originally uploaded by susanvg.

Daily Shoot: Make a photo that you think would work well as computer wallpaper, and try it out for a week!

I have tried a variety of wallpaper on my computer. I think it depends very much on my mood. Sometimes I select a soothing image - a zen image - more texture than photograph. Other times I choose something that makes me smile, like my cats.

Water Lilies

Recently I have used a photograph I took at Kew Gardens of giant waterlilies. They always remind me of the astonishing variety in nature. But sometimes, just sometimes, I go for the oddball image, the one that sends my brain into alternative thoughts. Danger - you are spending too much time on this computer. Danger - deadlines are looming. Danger - photography can be adictive. Danger (you fill in the blanks).....


  1. Susan - I think I'd prefer the water lily one - I'm not thinking outside the box!

  2. Yes, Will Robinson - Danger! Danger! this would be a great pic to use for network management.

  3. Nice pic. I love the giant waterlilies. The danger pic could also be kept to keep people away from your computer, maybe.