Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 3/10: Bagels in Quebec City

May 3/10: Bagels in Quebec City, originally uploaded by susanvg.

I had to make a quick trip to Quebec City (Sainte-Foy, actually - a suburb of Quebec) for work. I drove there in the morning and worked with a colleague. We took a break for lunch and went to the local bagel place. It was a surprise to me to find a place that actually makes bagels much the way they are made in Montreal - even baked in a brick oven, heated by a wood fire. We Montrealers take our bagels seriously. We have several bakeries which have their ovens going 24 hours. I featured one bakery a while ago in this blog. Although some make designer bagels with ingredients like blueberries or sundried tomatoes, most feature the standard poppy seed or sesame seed bagels. And there is nothing like carrying home a bag of bagels, still hot from the oven. It is rare that the number bought is the same as the number unpacked at home.


  1. I've stopped eating bread as much as possible, but I do love to smell the bagels my husband toasts for breakfast.

  2. My g/children love onion poppy seed bagels with cream cheese! Their favorite ones are from the Costco bakery, most likely not as good as ones from a brick oven though!